How Simple, Cost-Effective Automation Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Software


Learn how 澳门金博宝官方网站 can help you streamline and automate tedious manual entry, giving you back hundreds of hours of productivity without spending a fortune to do so.

Software can be a significant investment in your business – one that should have clear and consistent ROI. But how do you know you’re getting the most out of your applications?

Streamlining, automating and optimizing software can feel like rocket science. But with a little understanding of what you have, 你目前在哪里使用它, and whether it’s reaching its full ROI potential, that knowledge can help optimize your business process.

It’s Time for a Software Performance Review

Think of your software applications as tenured employees. 经常, all that is needed is a quick assessment to understand if the software has the capabilities you need, whether your organization is capitalizing on its capabilities, and whether there are additional applications that could ease tedious manual work from your human employees.

If you discover software that just isn’t making the grade, don’t fire it. There are common root causes of underperforming software, including:

  • It hasn’t been adapted to new business requirements
  • The original implementation was not performed correctly
  • Your staff requires training to understand the software’s full potential

好消息是, most – if not all – root causes are easily remedied with a simple review from 澳门金博宝官方网站.

Application Optimization for Business Software

Once your software is performing optimally, 你是怎么处理无聊的, manual processes that your software can’t automate?

有一个更全面的审查, automation opportunities can be identified that increase productivity.

Automation for a Property Management Company

Recently, GO 技术 worked with a property management company to automate a tedious process. With over 200 properties across the country to manage, the organization utilized a third-party service to send out statements and mailings, such as homeowner association (HOA) newsletters. And with so many newsletters going out, the third party would bill for 400-600 transactions per month that the property management company would have to bill back to each HOA.

To eliminate the need for the accounting department to manually key in each transaction, GO 技术 automated the process: they quickly designed a small program that converted the data that was received from the third party into a file that could be uploaded directly into the accounting system. This automation saved the property manager company a full day of work every month, 成千上万的美元, and limiting the risk of bad data of being entered into the system manually.


类似的, GO 技术 worked with a client that manages Medicaid reimbursements for universities and schools.

The client previously received a massive Excel spreadsheet with 60 tabs full of data every month. Each worksheet needed to be separated, some of the data needed to be manipulated, and the updated worksheet needed to be sent to the federal government so each school can be reimbursed for what qualifies.

来减轻这项乏味的工作, GO 技术 created a process that does all of the above automatically. This automation saves days of work – plus 成千上万的美元 – every year.

An Experienced Partner to Help You Boost ROI

在你投资新澳门金博宝官方网站之前, consider that you can get more out of your current software and there are simple, cost-effective ways to automate busy work beyond what your software can do.

在去技术, we work with clients across industries to help them optimize their existing software and add automation to achieve the results – and ROI – they need. Think about what you could do with the time saved from your tedious, manual processes…

If you’re unsure of where to start, we offer a 技术环境评估 that will identify areas of improvement and provide you with a clear action plan for implementing a solution.

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